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Welcome. Below are the logos for media to use. Please reach out to us if you have any specific requestions.

Buchwald Jewelers Logos

Directions to Download:
1. Right-click on the red PDF icon
2. Choose - Download Linked File
3. Your computer will download & save file under Downloads
Option One

Large Print Logo
Size: 30x20 inches
Logo for Printed Banners & Sign
Option Two

Standard Print Logo
Size: 4x6 inches
Logo for Print - High Resolution Logo
Option Three

Websized Logo
Size: 900x600 Pixels
Logo for web & email
Horizontal Ad
Buchwald Jewelers

Size: 1920x1080
Vertical Half Page Ad
Buchwald Jewelers

Size: 8.25x5.25


Press Release Text

Buchwald Jewelers specializes in fine jewelry at wholesale pricing including GIA certified diamonds.  Our extensive inventory includes diamonds in all shapes, sizes and budgets.  Our store is located in Downtown Miami in the historic Seybold Building where we have been for 60 years, since 1932.

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