Tips to Shop for the Perfect Wedding Band


Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Now it's time to find your perfect wedding band.

There are as many wedding band options as there are engagement rings, and there are even more options when you consider the combination your wedding band will make alongside your engagement ring. Your wedding band can simply complement your engagement ring, or it can be a standout piece on its own.

Buchwald Jewelers is proud to offer Miami and surrounding areas a large selection of gold and diamond wedding bands. Here are a few different styles and tips to consider when shopping for your wedding bands.


Go for contrast.


If you love rose gold or gemstones but didn't include that in your engagement ring, a contrasting wedding band might be perfect for you. Consider a different metal or a gemstone that reflects your favorite color, birthstone, or anniversary stone.


Try on something that makes a statement.


If traditional wedding bands don't live up to what you envision, consider something out of the box. Try on a wedding band with unexpected details that will perfectly reflect your style.


Try on a simple wedding band.


A simple gold or platinum wedding band provides a simple backdrop to allow your engagement ring to truly shine.


Try on a classic wedding band.

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Women who love their solitaire engagement ring might especially love the option of a diamond eternity wedding band. With continuous diamonds all around, this option provides maximum shine and instantly upgrades a simple engagement ring.


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