The Meaning and History Behind Diamonds and Gold


If you wear jewelry, there is a good chance you have diamonds and gold. Maybe a few pieces you bought for yourself... maybe a special ring someone gave to you... and, if you are lucky, a piece or two passed down from previous generations. But have you ever stopped to think about the meaning behind your gold and diamonds?

The following is a brief explanation of the meanings behind diamonds and gold, and why they are used in traditional wedding rings.

Precious and Coveted Diamonds

Formed from coal that has been exposed to intense pressure deep within the earth, diamonds are a stone that have been coveted for generations. Despite the misconception that they are the rarest of minerals, they are, in fact, one the most abundant of precious gems within the earth's crust. The pursuit of the perfectly faceted specimen is what contributes so highly to their value. Aside from their amazing range of color and brilliance, the unmatched hardness and transcendent nature make them a perfect symbol of not only wealth, love, and unity.

In terms of their popularity for wedding rings, when paired with gold in a classical setting, they represent the notion that love can form from the most unlikely of circumstances, and that it can become something that endures and transforms. It is possible to also find diamonds that have unique colors that match the preference of the recipient.

Timeless and Untarnished Gold

Pure 24-karat gold is often highly desired, mainly because it will never tarnish and is easily cleaned. Think of the galleons full of gold bullion that are buried at sea, yet still glimmer to this day. This high quality makes gold an extremely desirable and pleasing commodity. In terms of its use in jewelry, it parallels the eternally untarnished nature of pure love and devotion; it also represents prestige and desire.

One of the reasons engagement rings are so often made from gold and diamonds, is that the commitment offered by it is as lasting, desired, and untarnished as the love given by the one who proposed. Variations such as white gold, or combinations of white and yellow gold carry the same significance and embody the same concepts of preciousness.

Colorful Gemstones

For those who prefer less than traditional materials for their wedding and engagement rings, it is ultimately the intention in which they are given that determines their meaningfulness. In place of completely nontraditional rings, couples often choose colorful accents. Birthstones or other gems that bear personal significance can easily be found accenting engagement rings and wedding bands.