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  • How to Sell Unwanted Jewelry for Cash

    sell unwanted jewelry

    Maybe you've outgrown the style, or you've outgrown the relationship, or you just want something new. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you want to sell your jewelry. However, whilst it may be tempting to simply put your items on eBay and hope for the best, this is seldom the best approach, particularly if you're looking for a good return on your initial investment.

    If you have decided to sell your unwanted jewelry and want to know the best way to do it, here's a helpful guide.

    How to Safely Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry for the Best Price

    1)    Find a reputable reseller. If possible, avoid selling valuable jewelry on sites such as eBay. They're competitive, occasionally unreliable, and it's highly unlikely that you'll make the money that your item is worth. Instead, do some investigation in your local area. Identify reputable jewelry stores that are happy to value and buy your jewelry.

    2)    Get a valuation. If you want to get a good price for your item, it's a good idea to know how much it's worth. However, be aware that prices fluctuate, and your jewelry may not be worth the same as when you purchased it. A good dealer will weigh your jewelry, then offer you a price then and there for your consideration.

    3)    Explore your options. Don't simply settle for the first jewelry buyer you find. Don't let price be the one and only factor influencing your decision either. It's better to sell to a reputable dealer than one with a shady reputation!

    4)    Be realistic. It's important to be realistic when selling your jewelry. You may have paid thousands for it when you bought it originally, but if it has become damaged or scratched, this will affect its value.

    5)    Know how you'll be paid. Be aware that different jewelry buyers may pay in different ways. Some may offer cash on the spot, others may offer a bank transfer or check. If you've got any queries or concerns about payment, make sure you address them at the time, rather than leaving it until it's too late.

    Securing the Best Price for Your Jewelry

    If you're looking to sell your unwanted jewelry at a fair price, then get in touch with us here at Buchwald Jewelers today. 

    We are licensed and insured estate buying specialists.  We purchase single items and large and small estates in our Miami, Florida, showroom.  We will purchase, confidentially, your gold, diamonds, watches, collectibles, signed jewelry, coins, artwork, and antiques.  We are knowledgeable about market values and offer immediate cash and the highest prices.   All transactions are held in the strictest of confidence.

    To find out more, simply visit our Miami store in the Seybold Building, call 305.373.LOVE (5683), or click HERE.

  • Complete Guide to the Aquamarine Birthstone


    The beautiful blue aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. We're diving into this magical March birthstone below.


    The beautiful March birthstone is called Aquamarine, a name derived from the Latin word for seawater, which makes a lot of sense when you take into account the serene light blue of this precious gem.



    Throughout history, Romans believed that if a frog figure was carved on an aquamarine, it served to reconcile enemies and make them friends. Romans also believed that the stone absorbs the atmosphere of young love: œWhen blessed and worn, it joins in love, and does great things.

    Aquamarine was also the popular gift for grooms to give their bride following the consummation of their marriage. Aquamarine is known as the sailor's gem, ensuring the safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas. In Medieval times, the stone was thought to reawaken the love of married couples. It was also believed to render soldiers invincible.



    Aquamarine usually forms in various shades of light blue, a color that effortlessly compliments most skin types, eye colors, and clothing choices, adding to its versatility. Aquamarine often forms sizable crystals that make it perfect for being polished and fashioned into beautiful jewelry.



    In addition to being the birthstone for the month of March, Aquamarine is also the commemorative gem of the 19th wedding anniversary.


    Visit our Miami showroom in the Seybold Building, or browse jewelry on our website HERE.

  • Top 2018 Wedding Trends for New Brides and Grooms


    Cue the confetti... Congratulations to all brides planning their dream Miami wedding in 2018! If you are planning your own wedding, or maybe if you're a mother of the bride, maid of honor, or friend helping plan another's, wedding we've pulled together some of the top wedding trends for 2018 brides.



    Skipping on Favors

    Not into 300 little bars of soap or candies? You might be happy to hear that today's brides and grooms are skipping favors and instead opting for end-of-event experiences a useful takeaway. You can expect to see fun dessert stations, flats for the ladies, and other fun ideas.

    Nontraditional Venues

    More couples are looking outside traditional venues and choosing to host their weddings in unexpected places. Look to places you love for your big day such as libraries, breweries, barns, and more!

    Statement Escort Card Displays

    Today's couples are all about Instagrammable experiences, and the escort card display is not left out! Weddings in 2018 will feature bold displays that double as the perfect backdrop. Explore your passions and interests to find the perfect backdrop for you. Almost anything can be incorporated: flowers, wood, glass, and more!

    Feeling the Vibe

    Gone are the days of picking a color palette and basing everything on that. Today's couples are focusing more on the vibe or feel of their big day. Rather than focusing on colors, 2018 brides are working to capture a specific experience or emotion with their guests.

    Asking for Cash

    While most couples are still registering for their big day, asking for cash is becoming more acceptable. Some couples link asking for cash to specific experiences like their honeymoon.

    Updated First Looks

    While the first look is nowhere new, 2018 couples are choosing to do a larger reveal with key family members. This updated first look gives the bride and groom a chance to connect with moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and the wedding party before the main event begins.

    Are you planning a 2018 wedding? Shop for wedding bands here.

  • Tips to Shop for the Perfect Wedding Band


    Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Now it's time to find your perfect wedding band.

    There are as many wedding band options as there are engagement rings, and there are even more options when you consider the combination your wedding band will make alongside your engagement ring. Your wedding band can simply complement your engagement ring, or it can be a standout piece on its own.

    Buchwald Jewelers is proud to offer Miami and surrounding areas a large selection of gold and diamond wedding bands. Here are a few different styles and tips to consider when shopping for your wedding bands.


    Go for contrast.


    If you love rose gold or gemstones but didn't include that in your engagement ring, a contrasting wedding band might be perfect for you. Consider a different metal or a gemstone that reflects your favorite color, birthstone, or anniversary stone.


    Try on something that makes a statement.


    If traditional wedding bands don't live up to what you envision, consider something out of the box. Try on a wedding band with unexpected details that will perfectly reflect your style.


    Try on a simple wedding band.


    A simple gold or platinum wedding band provides a simple backdrop to allow your engagement ring to truly shine.


    Try on a classic wedding band.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.46.14 PM

    Women who love their solitaire engagement ring might especially love the option of a diamond eternity wedding band. With continuous diamonds all around, this option provides maximum shine and instantly upgrades a simple engagement ring.


    Shop Buchwald Jewelers wedding bands here.

  • December Birthdays: Fun Facts and Folklore


    Happy birthday, December babies!

    December is a busy month with Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Eve, but many people also celebrate their birthday in the 12th month of the year.

    While Miami doesn't get too cold, those celebrating a birthday in December can expect lower temps as the month has the shortest daylight hours and also marks the start of the winter season.

    Did you know these fun facts about December?

    - December has three birthstones: Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite.

    - December's Zodiac signs are Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) and Capricorn (December 22 - January 19).

    - December was the 10th month of the year until January and February were added to the front of the Roman calendar.

    - Many celebrities celebrate a December birthday: Lucy Liu (12/2), Walt Disney (12/5), Larry Bird (12/7,) Frank Sinatra (12/12), Bob Barker (12/12), Taylor Swift (12/13), Jamie Foxx (12/13), Vanessa Hudgens (12/25), Ludwig van Beethoven (12/16), Samuel L. Jackson (12/21), Sir Isaac Newton (12/25) and Stan Lee (12/28).

    - The birth flowers of December are narcissus and holly.

    - December is also Universal Human Rights Month and National Read a New Book Month.

    - Fewer children are born in December than other months. December is part of a four month cycle between November and February where the birth rate worldwide drops, reflecting many couples' choice to avoid the holiday season when planing their pregnancies.


    More on December's three blue birthstones

    Diamond & Turquoise Bangle Bracelet Diamond & Turquoise Bangle Bracelet
    Turquoise and Diamond Earrings Turquoise and Diamond Earrings
    Enamel and Diamond Hamsa Enamel and Diamond Hamsa

    Turquoise is a blue-green gemstone like no other. It represents prosperity, success, and good fortune for those who wear it.

    Zircon is a bright and wintery blue gemstone, fit for the month of December! The gemstone is considered the symbol of purity, chastity, integrity and dignity.

    Tanzanite, a deep blue December birthstone, is believed to redeem the wearer's honor and integrity while enhancing compassion and promoting tranquillity.

  • 5 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

    Buchwald Blog Design

    The holiday season is officially upon us. Before long, we will be eating turkey and then hanging holiday lights and exchanging gifts with those we love. Gift giving feels a little more special around the holidays, so we've pulled together five of our favorite gifts for the 2017 holiday season.

    Whether you are shopping for your spouse, parent, son, or daughter, Buchwald Jewelers has the jewelry and timepieces they dream of receiving!

    5 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

    A pair of everyday earrings.

    Shop these Diamond Button Earrings Shop these Diamond Button Earrings

    Earrings are the perfect everyday accessory. They shine on their own, and they easily complement additional jewelry. Diamond studs are sure to fit every style and face shape. Shop earrings HERE.


    A fashion ring with mixed metals.

    Shop this Diamond Criss Cross Tri-Gold Ring Shop this Diamond Criss Cross Tri-Gold Ring

    Mixed metal jewelry is trending this holiday season, and rings with a layered look are no exception. The tai-gold ring featured above is wonderful as a right hand ring. Shop rings HERE.


    A pre-owned timepiece.

    Shop this pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Two Tone Shop this pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Two Tone

    Keep him or her on time and in style this holiday season with a pre-owned designer watch. Shop pre-owned timepieces HERE.


    A chic bangle.

    Shop this diamond bangle Shop this diamond bangle

    Bangles make a statement on their own, but they also flow well with other jewelry. This diamond bangle would look perfect with other bracelets or her favorite watch. Shop bangles HERE.


    A diamond heart pendant.

    Shop this Diamond Heart Pendant Shop this Diamond Heart Pendant

    A visual reminder of the love you share, the heart pendant is a classic holiday gift that comes in many shapes and styles. Shop pendants HERE.

  • Now Is The Time to Start Planning Your Holiday Proposal


    With holiday lights all around, a (slight) chill in the air, and loved ones near... December is a wonderful month for a festive surprise proposal! It's the ideal time to begin planning your holiday proposal at any one of Miami's beautiful locations to get engaged.

    Here are our tips for planning your holiday proposal now:

    1. Find her engagement ring style.
    Observe the jewelry she already wears. Does she wear minimal jewelry, or does she layer on her favorite pieces? Does she stack diamonds, or is her jewelry box full of different color gemstones?

    Uneek Engagement Rings Buchwald

    Now is also the time to ask trusted friends and family members if they have any additional insight. More than likely, she has mentioned different styles she prefers (and maybe even some she doesn't like at all!).

    2. Explore different engagement ring styles.
    While your might find an engagement ring quickly, it's always preferred to begin your search early in case you decide to include existing jewelry in your design or want to create a totally custom piece.

    While you might have an idea of what you like, seeing and feeling different designs might point you in a whole new direction!

    3. Brainstorm the specifics.
    With at least an idea of your engagement ring in mind, now it's time to scope out the timing and location for your holiday proposal.

    Consider upcoming events. Are there events over the holiday season where loved ones will be near? Even if you don't want to propose in front of others, you might enjoy having them near to celebrate with after!

    Find the perfect place. Miami has picturesque locations ready for a romantic holiday proposal! We recommend looking at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Perez Art Museum, and Schnebly Redland's Winery for your perfect proposal spot.

    We would love to help you plan your holiday proposal! Browse our engagement rings online here, or stop by and see us to experience our engagement ring selection in person!

  • Buchwald Jewelers is THE Place to be

    The end of summer is all about enjoying friends and family during the lazy days of summer. This is also the perfect time to find something Uneek to set off that summer tan! Right now Buchwald Jewelers has fun new pieces to up your style! Come in and find the pieces you crave!

    uneek diamond engagement ring

    Rings Galore

    Fancy, frisky, cute or sexy. Buchwald Jewelers carries amazing engagement rings, eternity wedding bands and cocktail rings that will put the spring back in your step during the dog days of summer. Come in and let us help you choose the perfect ring for any occasion. We especially love these Uneek engagement rings. She will say Yes. We know it!!!

    halo diamond rings

    Earrings for Summer

    Dressed in summer means earrings. Hair a disaster? Makeup not where you want it? No problem. Adding a pair of beautiful earrings transforms messy into amazing, fresh and free! Being glamorous is all about being beautifully put together and nothing does this faster than the right pair of earrings.

    Uneek earrings at Buchwalds

    Necklaces Needed!

    Dresses in summer are wonderfully short and beautifully alluring. Draw the eye of your man to exactly where you want it with a delicious new necklace that is as playful and spunky as you are. During the rest of the year you can cover up but now is the season to enjoy the beauty of low-cut dresses and tops. No matter whether you love pendants or simple chains, Buchwald has the right necklace to show off your summer style.

    Buchwald jewelers uneek necklace

    What time is it Anyway? Watches in Miami

    Catch an amazing deal on a watch this at Buchwald Jewelers. Watches are the best way to stay on top of everything in your day and they are beautiful too. We all love our phones but when was the last time your phone was out of battery? A watch is a must have backup and a piece of jewelry to love too!

    Bvlgari serpent watch

  • Diamond Drop Earrings: Beautiful for Spring At Buchwald Jewelers

    Drop earrings are sexy and seductive, glamorous and fresh! The perfect spring gift. Diamonds are the birthstone for April, making a pair of diamond earrings a great birthday gift for that special anyone born in this month.

    Dimaond Dangle Earrings

    Diamond Drop Earrings

    Oh my!, these simple yet elegant, oval drop earrings will quickly become your favorite pair. Elegant enough to wear to a black tie party and yet simple enough for every day, these earrings elongate the neck and accentuate the jawline. The double halo adds additional movement that is both subtle and striking.

    Some Interesting Facts about Drop Earrings

    • The drop earring style dates back to at least the 1350 BCE in Egypt as there are images of drop earrings painted on the tomb walls of the ruling classes from ancient Egypt.
    • A pair of Diamond drop earrings (now owned by the Smithsonian) were the favorite earrings of Marie Antoinette (1774-1792) who made the style popular throughout Europe in the 18th century AD.
    • Today's drop earrings are usually lighter than older designs thanks to advances in jewelry made possible by computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing.
    • The current Queen Elizabeth was given a pair of diamond chandelier earrings as a wedding gift from her parents when she married Prince Philip.

    Ruby and Diamond Earrings

    Ruby and Diamond Earrings

    This amazing pair of ruby and diamond chandelier earrings in 18kt white gold with a black rhodium finish contains 6 carats of diamonds along with twenty cabochon rubies. These earrings are as delightful as a fresh bouquet of spring flowers.

    Colored Diamonds: A New Dimension for Drop Earrings

    The increased popularity of Colored Diamonds includes drop earrings. Yellow brown and black diamonds bring an unexpected twist to diamond drop earrings that is fresh and modern. The black and white diamond earrings shown below are irresistible!

    Black and White Diamond Earrings

    Black & White Diamond Earrings


  • Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Miami as a Couple

    The sun- the sands... Christmas in Paradise... Here are five fun ways to celebrate the Holidays in Miami as a couple this year from Buchwald Jewelers.

    Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

    Say "I Do" with a Diamond Ring and Walk on the Beach

    Embrace the beauty of Miami this time of the year and your love for one another at the same time. The holidays are the perfect time to propose in Miami. The festive season adds an extra special element to any engagement but the beauty and vitality of Miami makes this a magical place to get engaged. With fabulous venues in Downtown, South Beach, Key Biscayne or Coral Gables, Miami has something for everyone. Years later, you can indulge in an extra anniversary treat by going back to the same place where you proposed. Whether your perfect moment is walking on the beach or dancing the Tango, Miami offers many unique, beautiful spots to say "I DO!"

    The Nutcracker: A Miami Holiday Tradition to Remember

    Go to a show! There is something so romantic about going to a show during the holidays. Dressing up is so much fun for any couple. This is a chance to put on your best clothes and jewelry and enjoy an evening out filled with traditional relaxation. Balanchine's Nutcracker is on stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts from December 17-24. This is one of the most beautiful ballets in the country performed by the Miami City Ballet.


    The New World Symphony: Christmas Concerts and Sounds of the Season

    Take an elegant evening out as a couple to the acclaimed New World Symphony. The symphony will be performing a mix of holiday music and Christmas carols this holiday season. On Saturday, Dec 17, there will be a special performance reserved for Miami Beach residents providing the Sounds of the Season with conductor Dean Whiteside.

    Zoo Lights

    While Miami may not have snow, we do have lights and lots of them! Zoo Miami has put up nearly one million Zoo lights this year. Enjoy the park walking hand in hand at night and see it all in a unique light. There will be carolers and Santa along with the lights and animals galore!

    Miami Zoo Lights for Christmas

    Miami Heat for the Holidays

    While this may be the season for gift giving, it is also basketball season and a couple means there are two people to please in this relationship. Take some time together for the ultimate female sport known as Christmas shopping and then celebrate a night out as a couple for him too! The Miami Heat has a solid stretch of festive holiday home games to make this one of the hottest season's ever! Rent a limo, pay for some choice seats, and celebrate!

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