All About Three Stone Engagement Rings


There are as many engagement ring styles as the women who wear them. The only problem anyone has is choosing one! We here at Buchwald Jewelers are determined to find the perfect ring that suits you. One unique and beautiful style to consider is the three stone ring.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone rings celebrate your past, present, and future. They lend themselves easily to three-dimensional designs. This bright style accentuates the main gem and makes it look more impressive. With the two smaller gems complementing the central stone above, depth is added to the piece. This creates a more intricate design and a nice overall feel. The 3-dimensional layering of the gems allows for refined detail in three dimensions. With three central stones, the possibilities are endless!

Color and Gemstones

You'll also want to consider the metal color and gemstones for your engagement ring. Do you prefer a white diamond, a color diamond, or maybe a colored gemstone? With a three stone engagement ring, your choices are increased and varied.

Including style, type and color of gem, you can also consider the type and colors of the metals in your setting. White gold, yellow gold, silver, and platinum all shine in a three stone setting.

Limitless Possibilities!

A three stone ring is a unique style with enormous potential. Three stones can create a totally different feel from a single stone engagement ring. The possibilities in just this one style is almost limitless! Each person has their own unique engagement ring and a three stone ring may just be what you are looking for!

A Few Favorite Three Stone Engagement Rings



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