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  • Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


    Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 14) and it's time to get Mom a special gift she will love and cherish forever. Here are our favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day from Buchwald Jewelers in Miami.


    Earrings are like shoes; a woman can never have too many! Earrings are even better because they always fit and they never come with heels that are too high! Diamond hoop earrings are a fantastic twist on a classic favorite.

    Dimaond hoop earrings

    These earrings are easy to dress up or down and they will quickly become one of mom's favorite pairs!


    Bracelets come in all shapes and styles making this a gift that you will be able to match to mom's unique style. For example, the delicate Diamond Cuff bracelet shown below is an excellent gift for any mother with a beautiful tan.

    diamond bracelet from Buchwald Jewelers

    Diamond Cuff Bracelet

    Pendant Necklace

    One of the most on-trend styles this season is a pendant necklace. Why not buy mom a beautiful pendant that will remind her of this Mother's Day for years to come. The emerald and diamond pendant shown here is beautiful and fresh. The floating halo of diamonds gives this otherwise traditional pendant, a beautiful modern flair.

    emerald pendant

    Emerald Pendant Necklace

    Cocktail Ring

    Just because... is what you can tell Mom when she opens up the box to reveal a beautiful cocktail ring. Fun and interesting, a nice cocktail ring is one of the best gifts you can give the Mom who has everything. We particularly like the modern lines, beautiful color and wonderful symbolism of this Diamond and Pink Sapphire Knot Ring.

    Diamond and pink Sapphire ring

    Diamond and Pink Sapphire Knot Ring


    Come into Buchwald Jewelers in Miami and choose a gift your Mom will adore!

  • Diamond Drop Earrings: Beautiful for Spring At Buchwald Jewelers

    Drop earrings are sexy and seductive, glamorous and fresh! The perfect spring gift. Diamonds are the birthstone for April, making a pair of diamond earrings a great birthday gift for that special anyone born in this month.

    Dimaond Dangle Earrings

    Diamond Drop Earrings

    Oh my!, these simple yet elegant, oval drop earrings will quickly become your favorite pair. Elegant enough to wear to a black tie party and yet simple enough for every day, these earrings elongate the neck and accentuate the jawline. The double halo adds additional movement that is both subtle and striking.

    Some Interesting Facts about Drop Earrings

    • The drop earring style dates back to at least the 1350 BCE in Egypt as there are images of drop earrings painted on the tomb walls of the ruling classes from ancient Egypt.
    • A pair of Diamond drop earrings (now owned by the Smithsonian) were the favorite earrings of Marie Antoinette (1774-1792) who made the style popular throughout Europe in the 18th century AD.
    • Today's drop earrings are usually lighter than older designs thanks to advances in jewelry made possible by computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing.
    • The current Queen Elizabeth was given a pair of diamond chandelier earrings as a wedding gift from her parents when she married Prince Philip.

    Ruby and Diamond Earrings

    Ruby and Diamond Earrings

    This amazing pair of ruby and diamond chandelier earrings in 18kt white gold with a black rhodium finish contains 6 carats of diamonds along with twenty cabochon rubies. These earrings are as delightful as a fresh bouquet of spring flowers.

    Colored Diamonds: A New Dimension for Drop Earrings

    The increased popularity of Colored Diamonds includes drop earrings. Yellow brown and black diamonds bring an unexpected twist to diamond drop earrings that is fresh and modern. The black and white diamond earrings shown below are irresistible!

    Black and White Diamond Earrings

    Black & White Diamond Earrings


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