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  • Popular Engagement Ring Styles in Miami

    Miami is known for the beaches, the sun and for LOVE. Buchwald Jewelers has helped couples find the right engagement rings in Miami for 85 years. Miami is famous for its jewelry and jewelry stores. The Seybold Building, where we are located, is one of the largest jewelry centers in the world. Diamonds and engagement rings are our focus every day of the year. Today there are so many different styles of engagement rings on the market. We would like to take a few minutes to discuss the most popular engagement ring styles with you from our extensive inventory.

    Diamond Engagement ring

    Platinum Engagement Rings and Settings

    Platinum is the most popular metal for engagement rings in Miami. This is for good reason. Platinum is a classic choice. It is dense, rare, malleable and highly resistant to corrosion. Throughout the last 100 years, platinum has retained its reputation as the most noble metal. Beautiful and elegant, the cool tone of platinum enhances and perfectly complements the brilliance of diamonds. The non-corrosive attributes of platinum make it the ideal metal for the daily wear an engagement ring must endure. A platinum engagement ring also carries with it an element of prestige that has always been associated with this rare and beautiful metal. All of these attributes make platinum engagement rings the most popular metal for engagement rings in Miami.

    Uneek diamond engagement ring

    Halo Engagement Rings

    Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular styles of engagement rings today. This is for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The halo refers to a circle of smaller stones, usually diamonds, surrounding the central stone. The light refraction off the additional stones, as well as the slight elevation of the center stone in the setting, makes the main stone appear larger and more brilliant. Gemstones increase exponentially in price so this reason alone has made the halo a very popular setting. There is also a very practical side to the halo setting that makes it one of the best for engagement rings. The halo of smaller stones protects the central stone and the central setting from daily wear and tear. Lastly, symbolically the halo setting represents the love that protects both of you and it reminds the wearer that she is the angle in someone's heart every day of the year.

    Platinum Diamond engagement ring

    Diamond Engagement Rings

    Today, engagement rings use a variety of stones. However, a clear brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular choice for the central engagement ring stone. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on the Mohs scale. The diamond's perfect crystalline structure and its rarity also contribute to its popularity. Diamond is chemically stable and aesthetically luminous. Colored diamonds, also known as Fancy Diamonds, are popular among the rich and famous and these are the most valuable objects for their size and weight on the planet. In Miami, there is an increase in the popularity of yellow diamond engagement rings. Fancy yellow diamonds offer all the positive characteristics of clear diamonds with the added benefit of originality at a price that is relatively affordable in the Fancy Diamond class.

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