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  • Pantone's Color of 2017, "Greenery" and Jewelry to Match

    Have you ever wondered how ALL the clothing & fabric designers manage to create a season of outfits that seem to go together? How you can buy a dress in one store and find the perfect coat to match it in another? Well, designers follow the Pantone Fashion Color Report from the Pantone Color Institute. Every year in September Pantone establishes the color trends for the Spring Season of the following year. This allows designers all over the world to prepare for the upcoming year and produce clothing lines that are on trend. Now that you know their secret, you can do the same thing!

    In 2017, Pantone's color of the year is Greenery. Symbolic of rebirth and vitality, Pantone describes this shade as "trans-seasonal." Greenery is a color that pairs easily with neutrals, brights and metallics. Greenery even pairs with Pantone's Color of the year for 2016, Rose Quartz, a pale pink that made into everything from sweaters to engagement rings during the past year.

    So now that you know that Greenery is going to become THE color of 2017 how can and how should this influence your Jewelry choices for the year?

    Uneek rings

    Greenery, White Gold and Diamonds: The Perfect Match

    Luckily, Greenery goes spectacularly well with diamonds, white gold and silver jewelry pieces. The cool clean essence of white metals and clear colorless diamonds pairs effortlessly with green. Greenery also pairs well with colored diamonds including chocolate, pink and canary yellow diamonds. Try any of these stones in a long pendant necklace over a dress in Greenery to create a fresh, fun look.

    Diamond ring

    Greenery and Emeralds for 2017

    Another way to update your look with Greenery is the buy pieces of jewelry, which incorporate green stones. Greenery is particularly reminiscent of emeralds. An Emerald and Diamond Ring is an excellent way to weave this color trend into your wardrobe.

    Emerald ring with diamonds

    Green is a color used in high-end watches because it is elegant, luminous and easy to read. Adding a watch that uses green in the dial, hands or numbers is another way to enjoy this 2017 color trend.

    Rolex Watch

    Pantone's Greenery for 2017 with Red Sapphires and Rubies

    Red Sapphires match the vitality of greenery with spunk and fire. One of our favorite stones, Red Sapphire, pairs easily with Greenery to create a dynamic color duo.

    red sapphire ring

    Red Rubies also pair well with Greenery. Red is the complimentary color to green so these colors will always look good together. The modern shade of Greenery takes the red/green combo safely away from Christmas associations creating a look that is reminiscent instead of tulips in springtime.

    Buchwald Jewelers is looking forward to 2017 and to all the new colors that keep life interesting and fun. We welcome your comments and thoughts. What do you think of Greenery and how are you going to use it in your wardrobe this year?

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